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‘Hi Will

I was anxious dropping my young horse off at Will’s yard as I only found him through an ad on FB, I had read testimonials on his website but knew nobody that had taken their horse to him. I went to meet Will prior to dropping my horse off for backing and was reassured by the professional and honest discussion we had. He assured me he would not let me have my horse back until I could get on and ride out across the field. I thought this was a long shot but liked<span class=”x_gmail-text_exposed_show”> his confidence.</span>

Well I had to eat humble pie, after 5 weeks I went and got on my horse, on the yard no lunging required, no treating like a baby just got on and you guessed it – rode out across the field with no issues. It’s now been 6 weeks post bringing him home and I have been expecting something to happen, but he has been golden.

He’s still a baby and has the occasional spook but that is to be expected, the good thing is he deals with the situation in a calm and sensible manner. Every new thing I have thrown at him he has coped with. I was asked by a friend if I felt safe on him and the simple answer is yes. I can get on and ride my newly backed horse on my own with no supervision, no safety straps and best of all no concerns about him. Thank you, Will!’

Doe's Sally's story sound familiar?

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