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Emily Chapman – 15.2 Ex Race Horse

Hi Will, I would just like to say what an amazing job you have done with Max. Before he came to you he was a anxious, very highly strung sort (typical racehorse), to the point where he was unridable as he just tried to gallop off in any direction. After just 6 weeks of being with you he has changed into a different horse. He is very chilled, relaxed and happy. I can now get on and ride him without the silliness and he schools like a pro.

A lot of people have also commented on how much he has changed and are amazed by how in a short time he has became sane. I can’t thank you enough for the effort that has been put into this horse to change him around. I now have my perfect horse and I couldn’t be happier, all thanks to you.

Doe's Emily's story sound familiar?

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