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Maria Thomas – 15.2hh Cob

After many years of being around friend’s horses I decided to buy one of my own.
I went to see this 5 year old blue eyed cob who I wished to be my forever horse.

I asked friends to ride her and then I rode. Even though she was young she was backed by a trekking centre and she seemed genuine enough, a kick along, and I felt ideal for my first horse.

After a few weeks at home I got on and it was a disaster, I was faced with an instant buck and off I came and she bolted. Stunned, I went for a second attempt a few days later and unfortunately I met the same situation. I went through the normal checklist, back, saddle, teeth but everything seemed OK. I also noticed there was a huge personality, a mare that like to constantly check the position of authority and was also scared of everything and very insecure.

For over a year I used a variety of horse training techniques including intelligent horse methods, this ranged from bags, flags, long reining, walking through curtains and I even made a pair of 5 stone legs to put onto the saddle but unfortunately I still couldn’t mount her without a eruption and experienced friends couldn’t stay on.

Finally after many months of all the desensitisation I plucked up the courage to mount but once I put my leg on, it was a nasty buck. It took all my confidence to mount her and in an instant it was totally diminished once again. That’s when I contacted Will, Will was open minded and listened about my horse in detail, he also discussed his methods and explained he would give a honest opinion. It was a relief to know that Will would give me straight answers.

Will soon provided the answers, he gained an insight into the problem, and after 5 weeks she was ready for me to ride, unfortunately the thought of riding her filled me with dread.

Will soon realised that there was a huge issue with my confidence. Will was marvellous and spent a considerable amount of time with me to develop my confidence and these lessons were instrumental to my success.

At last I was ready to take her home and couldn’t wait to ride out into the woods, something I was totally petrified of doing a few weeks earlier. 3 weeks home and I hack out daily and with the foundations instilled by Will, I feel whatever happens I can handle it, and if I need further advice or just want to share my successes Will is there every step of the way.

To date my mare has had encounters with tractors, cars, huge tree felling machinery, dogs and mountain bikers, she is able to ride in company or alone and I couldn’t be happier. Will clearly has a natural aptitude for working with horses, he has a calm assertiveness and thankfully I sent my mare to him. Will understands the needs of the horse and rider.

He has given me inspiration and I would recommend him to anyone who wishes for a well balanced horse, a harmonious relationship and the opportunity to enjoy it.

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