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Julie Mckeown

‘Well what can I say apart from God bless Will Hunt. Raf came back yesterday from 4 weeks with him. The day before he went I had a lesson and was terrified. When I picked him up yesterday I walked trotted and cantered him on my own round bircher common. This morning I took him out on a ride I’ve been dying to do but was too scared. I was out for nearly 3 hours and it was perfect.

I have my boy back. My lack of confidence let raf down as he needed me to be confident when he was worried. So we ended up on a downward spiral. Will is so confident, competent, quiet and caring and gets to the nub of the problem quickly. Can’t wait to get out on raf again and so looking forward to wentwood now. Woo hoo!!’

Julie Mckeown

Doe's Julie's story sound familiar?

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