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Issy King

‘I contacted Will after several people told me how wonderful he was with any type of horse. My young stallion had some cheeky habits and liked to test the boundaries on the ground as well as being quite bitey and didn’t have much idea of personal space. Will came to our yard and did some work with him and taught me what he did so I could continue this after he had gone.

I can’t believe how different he is after just under a week of doing things differently. His biting has subsided dramatically, we no longer need food to catch him, he has a much better sense of personal space and instead of leading him with a chain we are now in a simple rope halter! Will was calm, gentle and champ took an instant shine to his way, thank you will for all your help, advice and for changing both me and champ for the better.

I would recommend Will to anyone, not just people who are having issues with their horse but if they just want to learn more about each other.’ Issy King

Doe's Issy's story sound familiar?

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