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We love hearing feedback from our customers, and we couldn’t resist sharing Jacqui’s story with you.

‘I just want to thank WHBT for doing such a fabulous job with Gracie. I gave Will a highly strung Arab teenager with no manners and a penchant for ear lobes, mostly mine 😳 and he gave me back a smart young lady that’s a delight to ride.

Thank you so much for all your help, patience and understanding Will. These last few weeks have been a real pleasure, you are a proper lad, top of your game, have a fabulous place, a smashing team, happy horses (I know Gracie is missing you 😉) and in beautiful countryside. THANK YOU 🙌🏼’

We wish Jacqui the best of luck & fun with Gracie & we can’t wait to see what they both get up to.

Doe's Jacqui's story sound familiar?

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