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Elinor Bathwaite

Elinor Bathwaite

“Will came out to me recently to help with loading issues and I cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone who’s struggling! My cob x gelding has been having massive tantrums about getting onto our 3.5t lately, getting progressively harder to load each time and eventually refusing point blank, rearing and spinning. Within half an hour, Will had him going on easily, waiting to be told to come off, and generally well settled. He now self loads – will actually trot himself on without so much as a headcollar (see video!) – and there is no rush to close his partition/clip him in as there was previously. Will was the perfect mix of gentle & firm, needing only a regular headcollar and light use of a schooling whip the entire time, and was cool as a cucumber throughout – I had been apprehensive about having a professional in as you never can be sure if they’re just going to try and beat your horse into a wagon, but Will did nothing of the sort. Even better than that, he was patient & non-judgemental with showing me his technique to prevent me having issues in the future and I am now confident to travel alone again!

Nobody on the yard can quite believe the difference he made in a single afternoon, but I’m not about to complain! Cannot recommend him enough.”

Why not watch Elinors loading video after Will’s visit here:


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