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Angie Bradford

‘Just wanted to say a huge thank u for helping me with both my horses, original time a few years ago with mounting issues on my sensitive flighty rescue boy, Will took his time and slowly got his confidence back and to this day years later we have had no further issues.
The last occasion was with my rather opinionated stubborn mare! She has been out of work since I got her 5.5yrs ago due to her numerous health issues and finally I have managed to get her to the point of actually being able school and jump…. For her to then quickly work out if she didn’t get on the lorry the easy life carried on😠😤 so I enlisted some assistance after trying all I knew, she was and is still opinionated lol but now I have the technique and knowledge so she loses the battle. On the day and at home she loads herself but when out she can be a little madam still, but it only takes a couple of well placed taps with the wand of persuasion and we are in.
Having this knowledge has enabled me to get her out and about and to her first ever hunter trial where she came forth🤗 and I am looking to her first fun ride in a weeks time, the world is now our oyster thanks to you. Can’t rate you highly enough thank again! Angie Bradford’

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