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At Will Hunt Breaking & Training we like to remain humble. From the first horse, to the last we remain, like our training, quietly confident & consistent.

However, we understand it’s a big decision to make when you send your horse away so word of mouth, reputation & results play a big part. We spend alot of time listening to our clients before their horses to come us, so thankfully, we have their success stories to tell you when they leave.

“Thank you Will for giving me back the horse I always wanted. A companion I can trust and I can ride out with.”

“This is when I came across Will’s website.  After having a read , I instantly knew he would be the right type of trainer for my horse.” Read Ashley’s story here.

‘I gave Will a highly strung Arab teenager with no manners and a penchant for ear lobes’ Read Jacqui’s story here.

‘My young stallion had some cheeky habits and liked to test the boundaries on the ground’ Issy King

“Will came out to me recently to help with loading issues and I cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone who’s struggling”.

‘So I enlisted some assistance after trying all I knew, she was and is still opinionated‘ Read Angies story here.

‘The day before he went I had a lesson and was terrified.’ Read Julies story here.

‘On return home to us after his education he is a completely different character’. Read Claires story here.

‘We have 100% trust in Will, and we cannot recommend him enough for others to use.’

‘He then handed me the reins to get on and my nerves completely kicked in, I actually didn’t know if I could get on he…’Read Khalia’s story here.

‘I couldn’t hug and kiss her enough when we got back to the yard. Overjoyed wasn’t the word’. Read more here.

‘I cannot describe how unbelievably happy I am with my mare!’ Read Laura’s story here.

I now have my perfect horse and I couldn’t be happier, all thanks to you. Read Emily’s story here.

‘I can get on and ride my newly backed horse on my own with no supervision’. Read Sally’s story here.

‘Sending him to Will turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made’. Read Pippas story here.

‘Will was marvellous and spent a considerable amount of time with me’. Read Maria’s story here.

In Need Of Help?

Sometimes we all need a little hand figuring out what might be wrong. If you’ve done all the usual checks, why not drop Will a line to see if he can help.
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