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Groundwork Lessons

Groundwork is, essentially the starting point of a relationship for you and your horse. It’s where you both connect, learn respect and work in partnership. There’s lots of people who will skip the basics and that’s their thing. But let’s start from the bottom & put this simple groundwork into a scenario.

Now, say you’re at a show. You get your horse off the box and ask him/ her to stand whilst you or your helper start taking the travelling boots off. Next thing you know, boots & legs are flying in all directions after your horse has decided it’s not too keen on standing still, there’s lots going on and it would rather fidget and look in all directions than pay attention to you. You’re late, flustered & the whole experience has become too much (for you both).

This scenario is in its simplest form, it’s a quick example of where you could adapt Will’s groundwork teachings & put into action pre, during and post event to work with a calm, respectful, focused on the job horse to maximise your potential at that show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend a groundwork lesson?

Groundwork lessons are a brilliant way for you to understand how to handle your horse from the ground. Suitable for a range of needs or curiosities, there is limitless amounts of information you can learn about how to work with your horse from the ground including pressure & release, calmness, patience, suppleness & more.

If you’re interested in this service, but would like to work on something specific then we recommend you drop us an email or call. Otherwise book in and Will can assess what would benefit you and your horse.

Who are groundwork lessons suitable for?

Everyone and anyone, we have no age restrictions although anyone 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Lessons are suitable for anyone experiencing difficulties, looking to improve their partnership with their horse, work on supplement and softness or for those who are looking to bring their horses back into work after injury.

Where can I have a groundwork lesson?

You can have your lesson at our premises, we have a large roundpen with carpet fibre survace which is ideal for handling your horse in an enclosed area.

Will also offers groundwork clinics which your riding club, pony club or livery yard can book in for. Will travels anywhere throughout the UK & abroad for these clinics so please drop us an email to find out more.

Are groundwork lessons on an individual or group basis?

Both. Some people prefer to work with their horse on a 1-2-1 basis with Will which is completely optional whereas others prefer to work in a group. Please feel free to book as an individual or with your friends and family to share the experience.


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