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Pony Club Camp Demonstration

Posted by admin on May 14, 2018

Last night I found myself Hartpury college bound ready to set up a demonstration for an arena full of Pony Club campers, it was Malvern Pony Clubs annual camp.

Pulling up outside arena 2 the team and I unloaded, pallets, flags and bags and my unflappable bay may. Tacked and ready to go, into the arena came a hustle of campers ready for the demonstration.

Knowing little of their experience with horses and them not knowing not a lot about me, under Pony Club rules andsetting a good example the riding hat was on. Introductions over, I decided to show the girls the basics of good horsemanship.

Ground work was a big factor for the demonstration, repetition from both sides and giving the horse a good deal. We chatted over the importance of a snaffle and the sensitivity of their horses, relating it back to a ‘feel’ and how taking time over ground work might help them in their show jumping, cross country or dressage.

I talked about the use of riding with your legs, soft hands and giving direct instructions with release and why it was so important to look after your horse. I finished the demonstration by piecing all my advise together and riding my bay mare with no bridle through circles then stops.

For me I had a brilliant engaged audience and my bay mare had an excited fan club. After the demo had finished the girls where invited down for chat where I received a lot more questions about their own horses and how my techniques might help. My mare had a lot more fuss; her forelock even got some attention from an eager platter!

As a youngster I never attended pony club camp, boys don’t do that, they’re too cool, but Jemma did and this was her old pony club so I saw the real importance of being able to give something back to our local riders.

The video should be edited and online soon so watch this space!


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