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Mounting Your Just Broken Horse

Posted by admin on May 14, 2018

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Going to ride your newly Backed horse!

This is something that is a very exciting and nervous experience for people when they come to ride their horses for the first Time!

Now for the past few weeks that horse (your horse) has been in training and able to go out and about on a ride. I find it very important to take my clients out on their horses either up the lanes, through the farm or in the woods! This way the clients can see their horses out in real places where there are real situations which allows the client and the horse to gain trust and confidence in one another! This also allows me to give the client some good tips and advice going forward! However there are some tips that could make this first ride together go even smother from the very start

Mounting: Firstly all of the horses in for training are taught, when mounted, to have a slight bend in their head, so if they spin & something goes wrong those hindquarters away from you! Secondly from day one I have been getting on as smoothly and quietly as possible, reducing panic & fear from the horse, so when mounting be very conscious of………

  1. Not dragging a leg over the hind quarters when you swing it over to get on.
  2. Not using his neck to shuffle yourself on or keep your own balance
  3. Making sure you place yourself down slowly so you don’t frighten your horse.

(For the last three points if you imagine how an animal would pull its prey down. This is how it could feel to our horses so just remember little things like this may help you see where your horse is coming from)

  1. Make sure you hold your reins so that if you need to disengage the horse or correct them you are able to do so. If you need them and their long enough to hang your washing on, you’d be wishing you weren’t so wishy washy when you are looking up at your horse after a swift departure.
  2. Last of all be extremely confident as you are to become your horse’s partner! For it to be a good partnership you need to provide a lot of confidence for this to work… he will be feeling all of your energy, if you’re nervous; he will be too. So if you get him out the stable and tell yourself and him ‘we’re going out and over that hill & back home again’ he will feel your intentions and no doubt oblige carrying you over that hill and back with no problems… just don’t get there and ask him to be good as you will no doubt put a bad idea in his head

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