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‘Within half an hour, Will had him going on easily’


Do you have a problem loader? Perhaps you’ve had the experience of standing on the ramp for hours on end with carrots, feed and sweet words but nothing has worked? You’re now slowly getting desperate to get out and about, questioning if you ever will? Or have got to a show and then felt rather embarrassed when everyone else is loaded up and heading home and you’ve got lead ropes everywhere trying to coach your absolutely knackered horse back up the ramp? Your average show day has now gone from 6 hours to 12 and you’re ready to hit the hay yourself.

Horses with loading problems tend to have other unpleasant habits. They can be found to have issues on the ground whether they are bargy or will take off on the lead to go and do their own thing. By sending your horse away you would be able to have these issues addressed and then taught to both you and your horse.

  • Sometimes horses are taking the mick out of their owners.
  • They have just learnt how to avoid it situations
  • Sometimes their owners aren’t the leaders that they are needed to be.
  • Sometimes it’s fear.

When the horse is sent away they can be taken out and worked and then asked to go back on to see if the issue arises in different environments. Why not read Elinor’s testimonial to find out how she got on after a visit from Will.


We would recommend using Will’s services if:

  • You have tried all the methods and routes available to you
  • Your horse is becoming dangerous
  • You have concerns for yours or your horses safety

Some owners find that they are able to practice loading successfully at home, if you are one of those owners then this is great news & we look forward to seeing you out and about. For those who have been less successful don’t panic, we can get you there.

We recommend using Will if you believe you have reached any or all of the above points to:

  • Avoid causing long term trauma
  • Avoid teaching your horse how to evade pressure and therefore inadvertently cause more issues under saddle
  • Avoid having an accident that causes harm to you or your horse

Will is an experienced expert in this field. He has innate ability to quietly and calmly teach your horse to load using years of practice & the correct technique.

There are several factors why it is important for your horse to travel safely including

·         Optimum performance – travelling a calm horse keeps their mind in the right place, with focus on the job & steady resting heart rate. You’ve avoided wasting time & energy panicking about the journey and instead able to concentrate on the job at hand. There are also massive benefits for the rider. With your ability to remain calm (even after doing 20 million checks that you have packed the right kit) you can focus on getting to your event, warming up, walking the course and of course enjoying your day out.

·          Safety for other road users – having a horse rocking around your trailer or trying to put its back leg through the side of your truck is the last thing you want in heavy or long distance traffic. Having the added pressure of drivers flashing their lights at you or waving hands in the air as they panic about their own vehicle is something you could do without. A steady traveller tends to avoid these scenarios.

·         Safety for the horse/ driver – an easy loader and traveller is something we all crave for ourselves but also for our friends, grooms & transport agencies. If you’re running late for whatever reason the added bonus of being safe in the knowledge your fellow livery and friend can load your horse could eliminate some of that ‘rush to the yard’ pressure.

·         Upkeep of the trailer/ lorry – you’ve spent good money on making sure what you travel your horse in is road worthy and safe and you’d like to keep it that way. Fixing a problem loader removes the issues of unnecessary repairs and expenses. Now all you have to do is pick out the poo rather than pick out your mechanics number.

Yes, we encourage trailer or lorry loading clients to bring their own transport, however if this is not possible, as it is not absolutely necessary, we are happy to load in our trailer as we are confident that they will transfer their learnings from our box to yours.

Yes. Please make sure you arrange in advance a suitable & prompt time to visit our yard for your lesson. Making sure you are confident in loading your horse is just as important to us as your horse being able to load.