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‘I have been expecting something to happen, but he has been golden’ Sally.


An expert in horse breaking, backing and starting, Will has a wealth of experience, knowledge & the ideal set up to ensure your horse’s first experience under saddle is one that sees them off to a flying start.

‘Will has demonstrated his immense skill and patience when breaking in our feral, sharp horses’

As a population, we are renowned for our love of all things equestrian, so it’s no wonder why we are always thinking about our next ‘project’ or ‘horse of a lifetime’. So whether you have purchased a blank canvas or bred something quite special, you can feel confident in Will’s ability to quietly start your equine partner.

From an unbroken youngster whose job it is to be a safe happy hacker, to a jumping machine to take you through the levels, or a horse destined for the show ring, we can promise you the up-most care when sending your unbacked horse to Will.


Facilities including light airy stables & a friendly calm atmosphere where horses are offered a natural environment. We are confident your horse will settle within no time at all, even if he or she has never been stabled before. Will offers one to one attention, with an honest feedback approach & is happy to discuss your horse’s progress along the way.

The backing package offers a premium backing program that works from the ground up. Will does not believe in rushing the process, dummies or over facing your horse. Will is always the first person to sit on your horse, there is absolutely no sub standards or outsourcing to second riders. Will’s programme encompasses everything from desensitisation to sole hacking, taking advantage of large open spaces and ‘spooky’ encounters including the benefits of farming on horseback.

(You can read more about it in our FAQ’s ‘What makes Will Hunt Breaking & Training Different – Sixty Sheep’).

Not just a fair weather rider your horse will be sensibly worked 6 days a week through sunshine & showers. Will’s promise to you is that he will work with your horse so that when you are invited for your ‘first ride’ it surpasses all your expectations, you only have to read our testimonials to see what we mean.

Need aftercare support? Or a guided first ride? This is standard. Will encourages all clients to come down for their first ride and he loves hearing from clients after they’ve left, even if it’s to offer guidance support.


Owners have several reasons why they get their horses professionally backed, from professionals who are short on time & need to concentrate on competing, owners wanting to give their horses the best possible start by using an expert to those either unable or not confident enough. Will has been lucky enough to meet many horse/ owner combinations who have successfully gone on to have great partnerships since starting with his backing service.

Any and all. From internationally bred show jumpers to trotters, shires and show ponies. All horses are eligible & welcome.

Yes. We encourage every owner no matter what service they opt for to come and ride their horse before taking them home. This is an essential part of the training as we help bridge the relationship with you and your newly backed horse. Please take advantage of this opportunity as lessons post service are chargeable. Please visit lessons for more.

Yes. We have unrivalled facilities at Will Hunt Breaking & Training. When his or her out riding work starts your horse will experience what the world has to offer. We pride ourselves in returning your horse to you as a confident individual.

Please contact Will directly. If you have made sure all other avenues of their health have been checked, back, teeth, feet etc and no issues can be found then please let Will know the full extent of your horses behaviour. Will has backed lots of horses others have deemed dangerous & unsafe. Will has no issues with giving you an honest answer with regards to your horse.

Yes. This is as important as welcoming you to the yard for your first ride. Will would have spent time individually with you horse which means he is familiar with their ridden and ground behaviour. If there is anything to discuss he will. He will also advise you on how to handle and ride your horse correctly before leaving. He is always at the end of the telephone.