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Yes we encourage our clients to come down as offen as they like to visit their horse, we understand that they take up a large chunk of your life, we are always being told ‘I’m not quite sure what to do with myself’ in that case please feel free to come down, fuss your horse.

Yes, we encourage all our clients to come down and have a lesson before they take their horse home. This gives you a chance to really be at ease with your horse in a safe environment. Will is on hand to offer as much advice during the lesson as possible, and remember there’s no such thing as a silly question.

Yes, we are fully insured by for the safety and well being of your horse.

Will recommends your horse stays for an average duration of 4 to 6 weeks to ensure 100% satisfaction. The duration of the stay is completely bespoke to the horses needs and Will can advise you on this when you make an enquiry.

The yard is based on a working farm with plenty of machinery working the land daily, not only that but we have plenty of farm animals to see including pigs, sheep and chickens. Your horse will also enjoy riding in large open fields as well as vast woodland, plenty of spooking opportunities to bomb proof your ride.

Will has seen a variety of horses come in for training from all disciplines such as Dressage, Show jumpers, Eventers, Polo ponies, Hunters, endurance horses to even horse and cart.

  • Competition horses
  • Riding club horses
  • Driving Horses
  • Child’s Ponies (suitability assessment)
  • Polo Ponies
  • Racing horses
  • Happy hackers

and many more…

This is a really important part of Will’s training. A good deal is a break, the best way to describe it is, you’re running and you know that you have to make it to the sign post and stop, that’s your goal, your good deal, your break and it makes you a ‘winner’, you’ve won once you’ve pushed yourself to that sign post. That’s exactly what Will does in training. Will let’s his horses have a good deal once they have reached their goal, this could be putting a leg onto the ramp of a trailer to not running away when he waves a flag. Will makes them winners and it really works.

“You can ask the horse to do your thing, but you ask him; you offer it to him in a good way. You fix it up and let him find it. You do not make anything happen, no more than you can make a friendship begin.” Ray Hunt

Although we’re not on everyone’s doorstep that doesn’t mean sending your horse away has to be difficult. Will Hunt offers a national transportation service that can collect and drop off your horse anywhere in the country. Collections & deliveries are very competitively priced, in a safe, spacious Ifor Williams Eventer trailer and at a time to suit. From inner London to the rural highlands, Will Hunt has been collecting and delivering horses from across the country for many years to the satisfaction of his clients.
In Will’s experience, a lot of his clients have found it’s taken the hassle out of organising a second party transport agency & streamlined the process putting their mind at ease. So whether you’re searching for a ‘horse trainer near me’ or ‘a local horse trainer’, we can assure you our multi service solution makes sending your horse away for backing, starting or behavioural issues super easy, affordable & stress free.

Will is able to give your horse purpose from the word go. We’re proud to offer horses real world experiences through farming. Checking livestock on horseback isn’t reinventing the wheel, it’s been done for centuries & for a very good reason. Will skillfully encourages balancing practicality of purpose with uncertainty of new situations. We believe these foundations help set your horse up for life.

But why livestock? We cherish blending new age farming with the values of the past. There is something to be said for managing, checking and treating livestock on horseback. We have the ability to move freely through Sixty Sheep stock with agility, patience and purpose without disrupting their daily lives. It enables us to get up close and personal all year round to provide the highest standards of care, but especially during pregnancy when there is real threat of abortion, stress & abandonment, all whilst teaching your horse about their feet, movement & sensibility.