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At Will Hunt Breaking & Training we have an extensive range of facilities, perfect for training, young or problem horse. We are lucky enough to be situated off the beaten track and although quiet, we have plenty of experiences for your horse to see.

We are confident that by choosing one of Wills training programs you are setting your horse up to learn the key fundamentals to see them thrive within a range of situations, whether that’s competing, being a confident hacker and much more.

But for now why not read what our facilities have to offer onsite below:

Round Pen

A dedicated starting point for all the horses at WHBT. Our round pen sets the ideal safe enclosure to start your horse’s education. With historic roots dating back to traditional Spanish horsemanship, round pens are now widely used around the world for disciplines including classical dressage & western riding.

  • Safety first – a solid but mobile structure, its smooth open grill top makes it a light, airy & inviting area for your horse to learn.
  • Soft surface – we have chosen to use a carpet fibre surface to line the round pen. Ideal for shod and unshod horses, it was initially created by race horse trainers to offer extreme cushioning, increase performance, drain & be frost resistant, which allows Will to work with your horse all year round.
  • Turnout, the round pen acts as a safe turnout area for your horse, if they so need.
Will Hunt
Will Hunt


Offering your horse a comfortable stay. Our stables suitable from small ponies to large horses. Well ventilated, open plan and sociable, horses settle in within no time at all. Cool in the summer months and cosy in the winter we offer top class stable management as standard.

  • Rubber matting – all our stables are fully rubber matted. They aim to ensure complete comfort and safety of your horse whilst stabled. From those that have not been stabled before to horses that are comfortable within a stable, our stalls allow room to move, lie down and socialise with other horses.
  • Fresh water – offering fresh water 24/7 water is checked, cleaned out & refreshed daily.
  • Well ventilated – the barn offers superb ventilation which allows them to retain their ‘fresh’, just mucked out feeling. Ventilation is available from both ends of the barn where the horses can also enjoy extensive views out onto our paddocks.
  • Bedding – we use shavings as standard for all our bedding however if your horse needs to be bedded on a different fibre we are happy to accommodate you were needs be – just let us know.
  • Turnout – although horses are stabled whilst in training with us to ensure the upmost care & routine, we can also offer a turnout service which is isolated from our other field based horses. The turnout paddocks are fully fenced with electric fencing and wooden stakes making them suitable for light & heavy horses. If your horse needs turnout but has behavioural issues please let us know in advance.
  • Isolation and overfill boxes – we have a set of isolation and overfill boxes. If you feel your horse is unsuitable for a social environment perhaps due to aggressive tendencies then please let us know.


As your horses workload increases so will his diet. Perhaps your horse is coming in for backing or starting or an issue with their behaviour. Our exercise generally challenges horses both mentally and physically so we make sure we support their increased workout load with the correct sustenance to keep them fueled.

We source our hay from our local farmer as well as making our own. Baled from a 1000 acre estate we can offer quality forage all year round. With regular deliveries & well ventilated storage our hay never sits for long.

If your horse has any particular dietary requirements or you have them on a specific diet please let us know and bring it with you.

On Site

We live on site which means daily checks come as standard. From first thing in the morning to last thing at night.


We believe we have a package suitable for every budget so why not pick up the phone and give us a call today.

Will Hunt